Moving towards fast moving technology, SME Corp. Malaysia introduce Online Self-Assessment for SCORE rating to replace the conventional application and rating process which will improvise the time lapse, best service quality and easy access for SMEs to be rated by appointed Auditors. In line with vision & mission of SME Corp. Malaysia, this  would be the best way on educating the SMEs on the information Communication Technology (ICT) as to be competitive, innovative and resillient towards local and global achievement.

Through this 1st step of SCORE Rating Procedure, the pre-audit information provided by SMEs will be gathered via online and the actual onsite audit will be done by the SME Corp. SCORE Auditor or Strategic Partner Auditor.

The primary objectives of implementing SCORE Online Self-Assessment for SME Corporation Malaysia (SME Corp. Malaysia) are as follows:

- Online self-assessment by SMEs before the actual onsite by SME Corp. Malaysia
- Evaluate and monitor SMEs performance